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Relic Hunters is a treasure seeking adventure series in which historical tales are interwoven with modern days adventures.


When his brother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Adam Hunter discovers that the myths and legends he was told as a boy have more truth to them than he ever thought possible.


To free his brother, Adam must uncover the truth about the lost Roman Ninth Legion and find its fabled Eagle Standard, an artefact of mysterious mythical power. Adam calls on the help of the British Museum, a team of quirky Relic Hunters, skilled in recovering and protecting relics around the world. 


However, they need to act fast for they are not the only ones searching for the relic. To save the life of his brother, Adam and his allies will face an immortal tyrant who seeks to claim the Eagle of the Empire for himself, and with it, bring the world to its knees.

Available in Paperback and eBook:

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