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Relic Hunters is a treasure seeking adventure series in which historical tales are interwoven with modern days adventures.



When a perfectly preserved German U-Boat from World War II is discovered, the last thing the Relic Hunters expect to find are artefacts that were stolen by Hitler and thought to be lost to the world forever.


What should be a routine excavation quickly turns into a deadly chase in the pursuit of Europe’s stolen relics. Ghosts from their past return to haunt Adam and his team and in their journey they discover the terrifying truth of Hitler’s lust for power.


Trapped in the depths and darkness of a nightmare the world has forgotten, the Relic Hunters are forced to draw upon all their skills and experience to survive. Surrounded by enemies, Adam and his friends face no choice but to fight if they are to escape the War of the Damned.

Available in Paperback and eBook:

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