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I live in Norwich, England and am currently working on the young adult fantasy and historical series 'Relic Hunters'. Inspired by the myths and legends my parents told me as a boy and with the help of my ever-suffering wife, a teacher and history graduate, 'Eagle of the Empire' was the first entry in the 'Relic Hunters' series, followed by 'Curse of the Sands' in 2017 and 'War of the Damned' in 2018.


My work as an author began under the name Edward Drake, with the release of the fantasy series ‘The Warrior’s Journey’ and ‘Stormheart’, along with the thriller ‘Outlaws’. I was also one of the authors featured in the Little Bird Publishing House anthology ‘Night Shade’ with the horror story ‘A Beaten and Haunted Heart’.


When not writing am training or at least planning my next challenge. Following a serious knee injury I was told by surgeons never to run or play sports again. Stubborn and reckless, much like the characters in my writing, I have not listened and have since completed the Great North Run and the Greater Manchester Marathon.


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